Stopping Covid-19 Testing in Schools


Schools can and should be cooperating in testing asymptomatic children for Covid-19.


This should not be happening. It is simply not justified and, without justification, breaches health and safety laws in a similar way to enforcing wearing of masks.

Further to our letter help Stop Masks in Schools, we are providing another free letter for parents to download for personal use (though we have a donate button) to send your child’s school and your local authority.


Download the Stop Testing letter here

The letter was updated on 3rd March within initial section B – Breach of GDPR and Data Protection, adding “or among staff” to make plain permission is not given for staff to share information between them about which children do or do not participate in testing.

If’ you’ve read the mask letter already, the main additions are the objections/demands A to D at the start, the long list of  harms under section 5 and the important information about informed consent under the new section 8.)

Again, the letter sets out all you, the school and its lawyers need to know about the law and school policies regarding testing. Use it. Share it with everyone you know. The mask letter is already making schools change direction. 

The purpose , as with the mask letter, is to make the school heads aware of what possibly no one has told them before now. Schools seem to have lost their confidence, more concerned to obey unjustified Coronavirus guidance than to care for and educate the children. This letter helps them, as well as you, stand up to overbearing Government.

The letter is drafted for local authority schools in England but the substance of it will apply equally in other parts of the United Kingdom and to private schools and academies.

The letter is also a formal and detailed ‘letter before action’ of the sort solicitors would send before start Court proceedings. Using the letter does not oblige you to take any further action.  However, if schools and authorities do not respond as demanded, it may allow proceeding to be started quickly. This is important since mass testing is already being introduced and interrupting education.

Legal advice on your circumstances and yours or your child’s claim should be obtained before commencing proceedings.

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4 thoughts on “Stopping Covid-19 Testing in Schools”

  1. Belinda Goodwin

    I dont want my child to have to wear masks in school all day. Or have to go through testing every week

  2. Hi. Is it ok for me to print of this template for both my children’s schools. I do not wish for my children to partake in this.. I also like to know if I could do a liability order for Malfeasance along with this forms?
    Kind Regards. Ms Taylor

  3. I am concerned as a supply teacher who cannot wear a mask, even if I wanted to, which I don’t:
    Because it’s difficult for me to go into a school now where all the children are wearing masks and I am not;
    Because I have no intention of enforcing such a vile thing on the children as I think it is serious child abuse;
    Because I know that, by and large, headteachers just follow one another like sheep and are unbelievably credulous and ignorant about this whole Covid thing, and I believe they ought to be told the real position in which they find themselves.

    May I check website of schools for those enforcing masks and tests and pass them on to you for an anonymous letter, please?

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